Tuesday, May 22, 2018

CYOU Adventures in Visual Creativity 1

Bought myself a Christmas present this year with the idea of encouraging me to explore my visual creativity to go with storytelling. It was 'Create Your own Universe: how to invent stories, characters and ideas' by The Brothers McLeod.

'RIP' - a monster born on the eve of Riponlea
Exercise one was a good one for a storyteller - draw a monster, name it, when was it born, what are it weaknesses. Good start.

Here's my rather quick and spontaneous take with a very soft pencil. His name is 'RIP' and of course that is what he is good at. He was born on Riponlea that very auspicious day for all rips and rippers.

His big weakness like all his ripperen is his limited vocabulary. 'Rippppppp!!!!'  'Ripperrrrrrrr!!!' 

Not quite sure why there is smoke coming out of his rather small nostrils but maybe that is partly the result of his last ripping meal or maybe he is just doing his bit for Global Warming.

His rippma did the open chest surgery for him. She stapled them up to prevent her charming rippsprog from ripping open the scar in a moment of passion.

Wish me luck on my visual journey -   "1, 2, 3 - Ripper!"