Friday, August 20, 2010

Enchanted Forest Stories

One of the projects I really enjoyed was the Enchanted Forest Playground story creation project at Ashgrove Primary School. The stories we created were recorded and incorporated into the Brisbane City Council playground in Dorrington Park. You can go to the playground and listen to the stories.

I've continued to tell some of those stories and create new Enchanted Forest stories with a whole range of students around the state. They usually get a really excited response especially from preprep and prep students.

Here's feedback from a C&K kinder on the northside:

'Thanks heaps Daryll. The storytelling continued outside. We are going on a group excursion in the next few weeks to the Enchanted Forest, so we can improvise some more. See you next time ...'

I love when the storytelling and creation continues like this.

You can visit the park as well if you're in Brisbane.

View Enchanted Forest Playground in a larger map

Here's a link on playground finder.