Thursday, July 21, 2011

Greener stories, Carers Workshop and new DVD delivered.

It's only Thursday and it seems like it's been a really busy week already.

I've been enjoying some kindy shows this week. I notice my stories are getting greener. I suspect that it is partly the launching of the 'carbon tax' and partly the influence of the Catchy Lockyer Stories Bush to Beach Tour that I did as part of Under 8's Week.

I've been enjoying telling some of those stories to kindy kids and watching the results. They've enjoyed them, especially 'David and the Snake Necked Tortoise'. They love Mr Stinky practicing his tortoise self defense mechanism on young David - anything smelly, stinky and poo-ish is a hit with kindy kids.

I was wondering if kindy kids would know about Tawny Frogmouths. The children at Chapel Hill Kindy sure did. After I finished 'Sally and Harry Save a Mopoke' one of the children pointed out a photo on the wall of a Tawny Frogmouth that had visited one of their playground Stringybark Trees. They liked the 'more pork' joke.

The other thing I've noticed is that I'm putting more environmental detail in other stories like 'Rosie and the Whale.' There's definitely a lot more environmental awareness amongst children then there used to be.

Family Day Care Carers Storytelling Workshop
Drove out to the wilds of Kuraby last night to present a storytelling workshop for Brisbane Family Day Care. Nice group of people, all women not surprisingly. I wonder if there are any male Family Day Carers?

I enjoy doing these workshops. They are usually 'introductory plus' because they all at least read stories and most of them tell stories as well. It's great to see adults letting go and having fun with stories and realising that that is what children want. Good to see the professional support that Brisbane Family Day Care is giving their carers as well.

Welcome Feedback
Kaori van Baalen sent me an appreciation card the other week for my participation in Catchy Lockyer Stories. It was a project I'm really proud of so it was good to get such positive feedback from her. I must make a habit of doing the same sort of thing myself. It really makes a difference.

Yarns and Life Stories DVD
Delivered the first of the Yarns and Life Stories - Inala Elders DVD out to Inala today. I'm in the process of drawing up the distribution list and making sure all of the Elders are happy with it but Aunty Vi's granddaughter and great granddaughter are visiting her so she was keen to get some. They look great and I know they are going to be an important community and educational resource.

Tomorrow I'm off to tell some stories to year 2's at Redbank Plains. Should be fun.