Friday, August 26, 2005

Reading Rocks

Well here's the 'Reading Rocks' movie I made for presenting at the Redlands Shire branch libraries. It went fairly well especially at the second show at Capalaba. The kids there joined in with the song well and enjoyed the joke of the books reading.
Brockie the Rock down at South Bank

One of the reading  rocks

It was a big audience. A child care centre group and a kindergarten attended as well. One of the regular girls brought along a wonderfully decorated rock princess. It had braided hair with little pink hair clips, eyes, mouth a tutu like skirt made from a patty cake paper cup. I really enjoy it when parents and kids work together like that.

Dial up version - 804 kbytes QT movie

Better quality sound - 3.1MB QT movie

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pearlz said...

Dear Daryl,

My son and I really enjoyed the reading really rocks. I think he's going to get some of his rocks and get them to read now.