Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bright Spots on Mt Buffalo

Bright Spots on Mt Buffalo
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Well I think human beings in general and me in particular are born optimists. We went for a drive and bush walk on Mt Buffalo thinking cool Alpine vegetation beside running creeks and lots of shady spots to rest and have a good meal in.

I forgot about the bush fires of a few years back and the drought that has followed. Mt Buffalo looks pretty forlorn I'm afraid. It was hot,not much water to be seen and flies, lots and lots of sticky flies.

One image I wish I had been forthright enough to snap was a smart couple sitting at a picnic table by the dam with food on plates,
glasses of wine, expensive camera on tripod beside them and having
their fly swatting hands constantly brushing away until they retreated to their 4WD. Spoilt a good dream those flys.

Still there were lots of bright spots to be found like these daisies
and a stripedly camouflaged grassshopper with vestigial wings crawling
around amongst the ground cover.

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