Monday, September 14, 2009

Turning new pages.

Sometimes it feels like I've got those Book Week Goes On Forever blues .......

Not really. Been having fun. Just had a great week at the Belmont State School Literary Festival. Told lots of stories and created and recorded heaps as Belmont Stories podcasts. Will slowly add them to my austoryplace blog over the next week.

Felt like I was turning a new page on multimedia/storytelling work with students by creating a new storytelling/creation performance/workshop podcasting session. It was pretty easy fitting it in the 80 minute sessions with the gifted and talented students but an interesting challenge getting it to fit in the 45 min sessions. We did but the stories are pretty short. Even did some with the preps.

Kids loved the sessions.

Speaking of a new page, here's a great video you can find on YouTube. CONTACT is up to there usual good work with young people on Brisbane's southside.

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