Thursday, February 02, 2012

Riverview, Storytelling Guild and National Gathering

Great day at Riverview Primary today. The school has a  good feel about it. I've been enjoying pushing my technology boundaries with the new iPad, well enjoying in the sense of great when it works and frustrating when something goes wrong. Mind you what went wrong was my forgetting about setting the recording length to 'automatic'. I guess it must default to 8 bars. Good for musos not so good for story'os.

I just love it deeply storytelling works with people. It's great seeing those special moments.

I've started a special blog for the project at

Queensland Storytelling Guild AGM and storycircle on Sunday at Bettina Nissens house at D'bay. So, if you're a member, or, if you're thinking of getting involved now is a good time. We're a great bunch of warm, creative people who love stories and storytelling. We've got some more home tellings planned and likely a fundraising concert. Here's the Guild blog page link

There is a Sydney Storytelling Festival coming up on the first weekend on June. There will be tellers from around Australia and visitors from overseas as well. Should  be a buzz.

Watched a great story about Shannon Noll the country singer from Condobolin on the ABC tonight. They made really good use of video and his family and their old photos. It was a bit Australian Stories like.

Was tempted to watch the next show about The Straits by the same people who did The Slap but enough TV for one night. So in compensation here's a story about a slap. It's not any story it's a Hodja Story. I've pinched it from a very nice collection of Hodja Stories on  Thanks Lale. They're really worth a read. Here's one:

One day Nasreddin Hodja was walking on the street, when a total stranger came up to him and slapped him on the back of his neck. The Hodja demanded some kind of rectification. But the man was unapologetic. He had thought the Hodja was a good friend of his, whom he was accustomed to greeting with such gesture.
`It is not an incidence of great significance, Effendi,' he said to the Hodja, `I thought you were my friend, I shouldn't be paying for such a small mistake.' 

Nasreddin Hodja was not convinced. He was wronged and he had to receive the damages. Since the discussion was going nowhere, they decided to consult the kadi. However, unbeknownst to the Hodja, the man and the kadi were friends.
The kadi listened to them both, and although it looked like the Hodja was right, he was still determined to get his friend out of this without having to pay a penalty.
`Hodja Effendi is right,' the kadi said, winking to his friend, `you have to pay him a gold coin.' The friend, reassured with kadi's wink, said that he didn't have a gold coin on him but if they waited a few minutes, he would go and get it. Kadi allowed him to go fetch the money and Nasreddin Hodja started to wait. After waiting quite a while, and recalling the familiarity between the kadi and the man, the Hodja figured out that he was tricked and that the man was never going to come back. He approached the kadi and startled him with a forceful slap on the back of his neck.
`Hodja Effendi, what did you do that for?' the kadi said in pain.
`Kadi Effendi, I am a little late for my errands, I can't wait any longer. When the man comes back, you take the gold coin!'

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