Thursday, March 03, 2005

Clowning around

Wonderful storytelling workshop with Young Peoples Librarians on the Gold Coast today. What a buzz. I love seeing professional librarians stepping out of their comfort zones to develop new skills because they believe in the importance of storytelling and a creative culture in libraries.

As part of the workshop I did a demonstration performance in the library with some young children from a local Robina Child Care Centre.I started off with one of my 'Little Blue Train' stories, followed with my crazy version of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'. The kids were rolling in the aisles. It's great to see.

I had promised them a third story and had not left enough time so I said to the audience, "Who's going to tell the third story." One boy put his hand up and I invited him out. He plopped down in the usual storyteller's chair and we created a story about a giant horse and a rider with a horse shaped hat on his head.

I realise how much my early clowning training still adds to my storytelling performance. It helps me say 'YES!' to story offerings from audience members. It helps me have fun within the storytelling format and to think on my feet.

I think it is time I ran some clowning workshops as well.

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