Saturday, March 12, 2005

Stories Alive on a Saturday Morning

Had the pleasure of running a storytelling workshop for the Lady Gowrie West Family Day Care conference this fine Saturday morning. On the way I drove past the gathering crowds for the St Patricks Day march. There was much wearing of the orange and green, and funny hats and I found myself wishing I was taking part in that celebration rather then going off to work.

The regret didn't last long however. Silly me, I should remember how much I actually enjoy running storytelling workshops. I enjoy the challenge of working out what the participants are actually looking for and trying to provide it. I enjoy the fact that most people who come to such a workshop actually want to be there and want to be better storytellers. I enjoy passing on some of the storytelling knowledge and techniques I've developed in my storytelling careers.

Family Day Care carers are special as well. In essence they are all small business people like me. They want to learn how to do their home based child care better. This Saturday morning's group were really flexible. They joined in the stories and added sound effects and clapping to the rhythm of the djembe and had some fun.

I ran out of time as per usual - an hour and a half is not very long time to pass on a lot. Oh well. It was heartening though to hear what the participants had considered they had learn't and were going to try in their own sessions.

I learnt a lesson as well. We had to hassle out of the room because a garden club wanted to start their meeting at the same time I was supposed to finish. As I was saying goodbye to my participants and answering questions and packing my gear, one of the Garden Club members said, "Oh that sounded interesting from outside. Do you have a card?"

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