Monday, March 07, 2005

Tone Turns 100

Originally uploaded by Austories.
Managed to make some final adjustments to the narration on my Digital Storytelling movie called 'Tone Turns 100' today. It still gives me a lot of satisfaction viewing it.

It's the story of my Great Uncle Tone who, yes you've guessed it, turned 100 last year. It was good to see him stand up and recite a poem and give a speech. More power to you Tone!

At 4 minutes 45 seconds it's a bit longer than most Digital Stories. It doesn't matter though, I had a lot to say about Tone and it all comes together really well. I've got a recording of Tone playing his accordian as background music at the beginning and the end, quite a few stills and a little video. It's most satisfying.

I'm currently making copies to send to interested family members and my next job will be to do a streaming version to put on my web site.

Digital Storytelling can be such a powerful medium. Although it requires some digital hardware and software it is relatively accessible especially for Apple Mac users. I'm looking forward to creating and facilitating lots of projects

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