Friday, March 11, 2005

Past Revisited CD Launch

Went to the launch of a storytelling and music CD on Thursday night in the Queensland Parliamentary Annex. It was a MECDA (Migrant Education and Cultural Development Association) bash and the CD is called 'Past Revisited' in words and music. It was satisfying from a number of different angles.

One was, I helped write the grant application that got the project underway. Second was that, one of the stories on the double CD was one that I had researched, written and performed with classical harpist Nicole Amies. It's about Captain Burke who migrated to Brisbane from Ireland in 1861 on the Erin-go-Braghe. It sounded pretty good on the CD although, I must admit, performing it is more exciting then listening to it.

Another reason for satisfaction was to hear stories valued up there with classical music and opera. To be honest I enjoyed the stories much more then the music but then, I'm a storyteller, what do you expect? The adaption of the sound track of 'Crouching Tiger'was particularly interesting though.

I enjoyed catching up with friends, Paula Gunton - the Coordinator of the Qld Storytelling Guild, Margaret and her sister, and meeting some new people as well. Stella Gibbs is also in on the CD. Her story is about a local community's response to the plight of African refugees. Sounds like she's doing some great work at the Ipswich library.

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